Hello, world!

I'm Costin, a PHP programmer from Romania and here you can find the projects I'm currently selling on Envato Marketplace, some of the items I sell on this website and some of the projects I'm giving away for free.

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WPK Toolkit

WPK Toolkit is a collection of utility classes a developer can use in their projects. These classes can be used individually or included as a whole in your projects. Each of these classes has been thoroughly tested and their utility has payed off.

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Feed For Posts

Feeds are the best thing ever when you want to generate content on the fly. Unlike text generators, they bring you real and unique content. Theme authors can use it to replace the "Lorem ipsum" text with real content and at the same time promote their websites/blogs. This plugin can help you get more sells and have a wonderful theme.

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WPK External Images Gallery

The WPK External Images Gallery plugin provides you an easy way of creating image galleries by using remotely stored images (feature which is not available by default in Wordpress), and integrates perfectly with any WordPress installation, be it a single installation or a MultiSite one.

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